This is a listing of the various projects that I am, or want, to work on. In some cases these may be flights of fancy that will never see the light of day. Further down you will find some of my brain spills on some of these projects. Contact me if you are interested in collaborating with me.

  • Holi Powder
  • Digital projection – basically taking projecting images onto a model.
  • Silhouettes and Shadow Lines
  • Song Lyrics
  • The Masks We Wear – An outline of the various masks that we all wear on a daily basis in front of others and ourselves.
  • Black Light
  • Stocking Scuplture – giving a model one or more pairs of XXL nylons, or pantyhose, to stretch on, over, and/or around her body.

Black Light Project

When doing my research on doing a Holi Powder shoot, I came across UV Holi Powder and Gel for night color runs. This gave me the idea of using this project for doing a black light shoot. This has evolved into what I now call my Black Light Project. What does this Black Light Project […]


Lyrics and Color – Random thoughts to New Projects 

My 45+ minute drive into work and the return trip home allows me time to think. Which has the tendency to be a dangerous thing as some of you know. During my drive I had been trying to come up with some photography projects to help get me out of this slump I have been […]